Pro Wrestling Superstar - Brooklyn Brawler Build

This release adds several new features and bug fixes. Read on for more details.

Results Database Editor

PWS now features the ability to edit match results. When in the results database click the Edit -> Edit Singles|Tag Team|Six Man Results menu item. You'll select the results for the wrestler or team you want to edit. After clicking "Ok" you'll be taken to the Results Database Editor. You can edit any field with the exception of the result type (WIN, LOSS, DRAW) and the opponent. At the bottom of the results database editor are the following buttons:

Merge Match Results

There may be times when you need to merge match results. Maybe you have two versions of Andre the Giant in your results database and you want to merge all of the results into one set of results. In the results database, Click Edit -> Merge Singles|Tag Team|Six Man Results and the "Merge Match Results" window will be displayed. To merge results:
  1. Select a set of results in the list on the left.
  2. Select a set of results in the list on the right. The results from the left will be merged with the results you select on the right side.
  3. Click the "Merge With ->" button to merge the selected set of results on the left with the set of results on the right.

Other Results Database Improvements

Filter Wrestlers in Wrestler Selection Pop-Up

The wrestler selection pop up windows now have a search box where you can filter the wrestlers being displayed in the pop up window. The selections you've made will be remembered while you're filtering and unfiltering wrestlers. This feature is useful when you have a lot of wrestlers and want to avoid scrolling. You can just type in what you're looking for instead of scrolling.


Clicking File -> Edit Preferences... in the main match interface will bring up the Preferences window. Currently there are two preferences in the "Match" tab:

Open FAQ in Web Browser

Clicking Help -> Open FAQ... will open up the PWS FAQ in your default web browser.

Bug Fixes

Thank you for your support!