Pro Wrestling Superstar - Randy and Bill Mulkey Build, 12/27/2017

This release adds several new features and bug fixes. Read on for more details.

Card Editor

Have you always wanted to create and run your own wrestling show? This long awaited and oft-requested feature is now in PWS! The card editor is an easy way to build a wrestling card and then run the matches on the card. Additionally the result of each match are saved on the card as well.

Creating/Editing a card:

To create or edit a new card go to the File -> Open Card Editor menu item. On this screen you can click the "New Card" button to create a new card (or go to File -> New Card in the card editor window to create a new card). To edit an existing card, click the "Load Card..." button (or go to File -> Load Card...) to load an existing card for editing.

To add a match to a card, click the "Add Match..." button. This will display a match setup window, where you can edit the match to your liking. Click "Ok" in the match setup window to add the match to the card.

Each match also has a set of buttons for editing, deleting, and moving the position of the match on the card:

To save the card, go to File -> Save Card (or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-S or CMD-S on the Mac)

To delete an existing card, go to File -> Delete Card... and you will be prompted to to choose a card to delete.

To close the current card and go back to the Home screen of the card editor, go to File -> Close Card (or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-W or CMD-W on the Mac)

To quit the card editor, go to File -> Quit Card Editor

Running a card

To run a card go to the Run -> Run Card menu item. Each match has buttons for running, editing, deleting, and moving the position of the match on the card:

Exporting a card:

To export a card to an HTML file, go to File -> Export Card... in the card editor. You'll be asked where you want to save the file. After choosing a location, click the "Save" button to save the card.

New Preferences

Ten new preferences were added to PWS. To access them, go to File -> Edit Preferences... The following preferences were added in this release:

Preferences were also added which allow you to set defaults for the follwing match setup options:

Re-Generating the Wrestler Database

From time to time, the wrestler database can get corrupted and cause all sorts of strange errors to occur. When you encounter problems like matches crashing, wrestler naming inconsistency, or other seemingly strange errors; it's a good idea to re-generate the wrestler database to make sure that it's not causing the problem. To re-generate the wrestler database go to Help -> Re-Generate Wrestler Database

Bug Fixes

The following issues were fixed or improved in this release: Thank you for your support!

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